Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Attribute Description
Treatment Class Combination Broadband Absorber/Adjustable Diffusor
Minimum Absorptive Range Dependant On Diameter
Diffusive Area 180 Degrees
Absorptive Area 180 Degrees
Cloth Properties Guilford Of Maine FR701 Acoustically Transparent, Fire Resistant Material
Cloth Color Optional
Suitable As Monitor Stand Optional
Free-Standing Yes. 9" Model Not Recommended On Carpeted Floors
Stackable Yes. Number Varies By Model
Absorptive Material Properties Formaldehyde-Free. Sealed
Standard Height 36". Others Optional
Mountable Yes
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor Use Only


Cutoff Freq. Diameter Height Weight Max Per Column Max Load
150 Hz 9" 36" 12 lbs 2 Traps 20 lbs
120 Hz 11" 36" 14 lbs 2 Traps 20 lbs
100 Hz 13" 36" 16 lbs 3 Traps 35 lbs
80 Hz 16" 36" 18 lbs 3 Traps 40 lbs
60 Hz 18" 36" 20 lbs 3 Traps 45 lbs
45 Hz 20" 36" 22 lbs 3 Traps 47 lbs
35 Hz 24" 36" 25 lbs 3 Traps 50 lbs


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We will repair your Cylinder TrapsTM due to manufacturer defects within one year from the date of purchase. This limited warrantly coverage excludes mishandling, abuse, neglect, and any other type of mis-use that falls outside of the required handling and care normally required of typical studio equipment. In additon, the limited warranty excludes accidental droppage including faulty mounting techniques. We reserve the right to solely use our discretion to determine misuse or improper handling by the user. Cylinder Traps should be handled like any other delicate piece of gear found in a home theater room or recording studio. With this in mind, your Cylinder Traps should provide you with many years of significantly improved audio, whether they are for recording purposes, listening, or visual enjoyment.

If the above guidlines are followed and in the unlikely event that a repair will be needed, the customer pays shipping back to our facility. After repairs are completed, we will pay for shipping back to the customer.


We will gladly accept return of our Cylinder Traps, no questions asked, if they are returned to us within 30 days of leaving our headquarters. However, they must be received in their original condition in order for you to recieve back your entire purchase price, not including shipping (you pay shipping fees back to us). We will deduct any repair fees in order to bring back the items to new condition. This includes de-odorizing of the traps, if needed, as they are made up of highly porous materials.

Please note that custom Cylinder Traps (non-standard heights and colors) are not returnable and do not qualify under this return policy.

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