With over forty years experience as a recording engineer and musician, Dominic has over 17 years professional experience in software engineering as well, and actively designs and builds a broad variety of products on various platforms and languages. He currently works for a Fortune 50 aeronautical company as a software engineer.

Dominic first began recording in the late seventies. When he took on the drums in 1981, it was less than a year before he began recording this instrument, the first of many instruments as the years went by. As an audiophile since the early seventies, he was never satisfied with the sound of his recorded drums early on, as they never sounded like what he was hearing on his favorite records. Since then, he has been on a never-ending quest to achieve the "ultimate" drum sound.

By the late eighties, after having played in twelve different bands, and running live sound for many of them and others, Dominic took an interest in synthesizer programming and sampling. By 1993, he had developed products for various Kurzweil, Korg, and Emu synths and samplers, to name a few. His samples and synthesizer patches have been favorably reviewed in international publications including Keyboard magazine.

In 1995, Dominic had designed and built his first free-standing sound-proofed recording and rehearsal studio completely by himself. It was during this time that he began exploring acoustics much more heavily and the affect they have on reproduced audio, even though he was full aware of the role acoustics play long before.

By 1998, Dominic never strayed away from recording engineering and drumming, and by then had recorded, collaborated with, or appeared on releases with many artists, some of them notable including Tim Reynolds and Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band, John McCutcheon, and Robin & Linda Williams, to name a few.

As a beta tester for the original inventor of the digital audio workstation, Dominic had taken more of an interest in DSP programming by the end of the century, and decided to pursue a degree in computer science so that he could improve his skills in this area. Dominic currently holds multiple degrees in this area and held a 4.00 GPA during his graduate studies at Arizona State University.

During his studies at ASU, Dominic developed an interest in psychoacoustics, and by the end of his undergraduate studies, showed the first iteration of his ground breaking audio comparison application at a university trade show. It is expected that this application will redefine and give new insight on how audio is compared and heard.

In addition to aeronautical-based software engineering, Dominic continues to develop world class acoustic treatment, audio software tools, and sampling products for his company, Aural Endeavors, LLC.

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