We do not share your personal information with anyone. Any information you post on our site will not personally identify you unless you choose to display personal information. By default, no personal information will be displayed, so there is no effort in attaining your anonymity.

If you purchase a product on our site, any credit card information is encrypted on your machine using your browser before it is sent over the Internet. When that information is received by us, the information is decrypted before it is verified by the bank. During this process (and any other process on our site), we do not see or store this information; it is not viewable by us directly. The server-side processing handles all verification.

If we provide the option to store credit card information in our database, and you choose to use this service, your credit card information will be encrypted on our database, so that it is not directly viewable by anyone.

Being that your credit card information is never given to a representative at Aural Endeavors verbally, the information is encrypted during transmittal, and that we do not share this information with anyone, theoretically, this form of purchase is safer than handing your card to someone in public.


Although we require initial email subscription when creating an account, you may cancel any subscription at any time.

We break our subscription types into separate categories. After you create an account, you can choose to disable any or all of the subscription types. You may re-enable them at any time as well.


In order to download any software on this site, free or otherwise, you must create an account with us. After creating an account, certain site elements and features will change after you log in. A logged in user has access to files and features that a non-logged in user does not.

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